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Catchy tunes to get an (almost) adolescent football team fired up and the parent spectators on their feet and grooving.

I was annointed announcer/music-master for my son's football team. Two games in and I'm looking for fresh music to blast on the speakers. I've tried the contemporary hard rock (Wolfmother, etc.) and no 40-something can relate. The 60s-70s hard rock (Led Zepp, Doors, etc.) is too, well, 60s-70s hard rock.

I need tunes that have a good driving beat, aren't hackneyed sports ballads (No NFL films, Queen or Gary Glitter) and play to the boys as well as the spectators. The beat matters more than the words. Here are two I've had success with:

Spirit in the Sky - Norman Greenbaum
Dirty Laundry - Don Henley

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What is the team name, color, or mascot? That might help someone pick a great song.
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Eye of The Tiger - Survivor
The Final Countdown - Europe
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Have you looked through the Sports Jam compilations? Not to buy them, but to see what songs are on them and pull some for your collection. There's some good stuff there that will get them out of their seats - Wild Thing by Tone Loc and We're Not Gonna Take it by Twisted Sister...that kind of thing. This one's the best, I think.
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Peter Berg cracked the code for inspiring football entrance songs when he used "New Noise" by The Refused for the final game in Friday Night Lights. It's nuts.
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Tom Sawyer (Rush)
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AC/DC - Thunderstruck

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Finest Worksong (REM)
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Megadeth's Crush 'em was pretty much engineered for this purpose.

I know Virginia Tech uses Metallica's Enter Sandman quite successfully to get the crowd riled up in anticipation at the beginning of a game, but it seems a little hackneyed to me.

Andrew WK - maybe Your Rules would be a good fit. He pretty much sounds like a Mountain Dew commercial most of the time, which ought to be perfect.
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Use the list of Baseball Player Entrance Music as inspiration, closers especially have good get pumped music.

For example, the chorus from Saliva's "Click Click Boom" would be a perfect after an excellent play.
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And because I guarantee no one else will mention this (I'm looking over my get pumped playlist)...

Gasolina by Daddy Yankee. It might not work for really old people, but the song is perfect for getting people pumped (and really really catchy, I discovered it from my wife whose high school students introduced it to her).

And wow, I totally would have never thought of using Refused in a sports movie, but that's actually kind of awesome.
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Everyone loves a little metal. 80s metal. Silly metal. Today's parent grew up with it. Today's kids see the retrospectives on VH1.

Cum on Feel the Noize by Quiet Riot

We're Not Going to Take It by Twisted Sister

Unchained by Van Halen

Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne

You Gotta Fight (For Your Right to Party) by the Beastie Boys
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"You Aint Seen Nothin' Yet" - Bachman Turner Overdrive.
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I'm sitting through these same games myself right now, so I'm assuming you need not just entrance music but also time-out pieces, between-quarter pieces, etc. Also figuring you won't always need the whole thing, just the best bits or the good openings?

"Need You Tonight," INXS (actually a lot of INXS would be good -- "New Sensation," "What You Need," "Devil Inside")

The Cult, definitely "Wild Flower," maybe "Fire Woman"

Loads of Aerosmith -- "Eat the Rich," "Walk This Way" with RUN DMC... speaking of Run DMC, "It's Tricky" might be retro fun)

"Crazy Train," Ozzy Osbourne

"The Distance," Cake

"Desire," U2

"Simply Irresistible," Robert Palmer

"Any Way You Want It," Journey

"Gone Daddy Gone," Violent Femmes (although the Gnarls Barkley cover is fresher)

"Welcome to the Jungle," or maybe "Paradise City," Guns n Roses

Van Halen's cover of "You Really Got Me"

"Wild Boys," Duran Duran

"Hey Ya," Outkast

"Black or White," Michael Jackson (poor Michael, this was such a great song, why did you have to go all craaaazy?)

"R.O.C.K. in the USA," John Cougar

"Push the Tempo," Fatboy Slim

You mentioned Don Henley -- "All She Wants to Do is Dance" might be good, although the lyrics are a bit terrorist/drugrunner (albeit in a charming naive 80's way).
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Oh, and of course "Sabotage" by the Beastie Boys
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"Galvanize", The Chemical Brothers
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I always liked "My Hero" by Foo Figthers for that purpose.
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