Setting sail on a virtual sea
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Looking for quality video games with nautical or sea-faring themes.

I'm mostly through playing The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and have loved playing it. I'm looking for more adventure games with similar themes. Basically any game that combines elements of boat travel, island hopping, navigation/exploration, treasure hunting, naval battles, pirates, etc. Games for Nintendo or PlayStation consoles or for PCs would be best really. Any suggestions?
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Puzzle Pirates.
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Newer version of Sid Meier's "Pirates" is awesome. The "Monkey Island" series also has lots of Island hoppiing, boating, and nautical shenanigans.
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The Monkey Island games, and "Pirates!" spring to mind.
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Hidden Exploration Titanic is fun
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"Pirates" is really fun for a while. Then it gets really repetitive. It's absolutely worth the 18 bucks that Amazon wants for it, but don't pay much more than that.
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If you're not completely set on water and you don't loathe RPGs, then you want the GameCube version of Skies of Arcadia. Originally for the Dreamcast, it's one of the best, piratiest, sky-faringest RPGs out there.
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There are also about a dozen or so video games based on the One Piece manga, but I've never played any of 'em.
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Everblue and Everblue 2 are both sea-diving games, and revolve solely around sea diving, finding treasure, photographing sealife, etc. Relatively mellow games. Both for PS2
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Seconding Skies of Arcadia. I'd also suggest Suikoden IV for a strictly nautical theme, though it's widely considered the weakest of the Suikoden games.
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I came in to recommend Sid Meier's Pirates!, but I definitely also think very highly of the Monkey Island series.
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My roommate suggests "Crimson Skies" for PC--it's aeronautical, but includes a lot of that exploration feel, plus it has pirates and airships. Sorry it has no boat travel, but he insisted I suggest it.

I loved the "Monkey Island" games. Must replay those.

"Final Fantasy IV" had some of those elements. Lots of ways to travel, including a hovercraft and a sea-going ship. They're remaking it for DS, if you're allergic to old-school graphics.
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Pirates of the Burning Sea is a pirate/nautical MMORPG, currently in beta.
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Ehh...Far Cry has a lot of island-hopping and beachfront fighting, but it isn't really water-themed. However, it is incredibly fun to play and the actual water in the game looks specatuclar on decent hardware.
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An older (1997) game called Sub Culture is a trading/exploration type game set in a puddle, with you (the protagonist) a tiny humanoid who pilots a submarine. I had a lot of fun with that one.
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Oh, and I really loved Sea Rogue.
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