Help my find a decent gym in the San Fernando Valley
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Where can I go for a good workout in the San Fernando Valley?

So I'm out of shape (not horribly, but definitely not fit) and I hate my commute. Solution? I want to find a decent gym near work so I can spend my time doing something productive rather than wasting it in traffic. Does anyone know of a good gym somewhere in the San Fernando Valley (somewhere between Woodland Hills and L.A., closer to Woodland Hills is better) where I can do this? I'm young (22) and don't make too much, so I assume that'll narrow my choices a little, but I'm willing to spend some to not work out in a nasty gym. Criteria include someplace pretty relaxed, wouldn't be too crowded between 5-6:30 and caters somewhat to a younger crowd if possible. I'd also rather not be hassled by personal trainers looking for business while I'm in the middle of my workout. It doesn't have to fit all of these, but the closer the better. Any ideas? Thanks!
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I would suggest using yelp for assistance. It's an increasingly useful reference to find decent places.

I was a member of LA Fitness for a few months earlier this year in Northridge. Very crowded, you fight for parking and it's quite busy. If people don't bother you, it's not that horrible.

Bodies in Motion, across the street, is much nicer and much less crowded. Machines are top notch and it's worth visiting if nothing else.
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