What is a "Reverse Miracle Putt"?
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What is Miracle Chosuke's "Reverse Miracle Putt", exactly?

There was a game called Lee Trevino's Fighting Golf for the 8-bit Nintendo. There were four "characters" you could play and one of them, Miracle Chosuke, was able to perform a "reverse miracle putt" (a specialty).. I've played too many holes of golf on this game in my life but I have no idea what that shot actually entails.
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There is no such thing; they made it up for the game. Just like in real boxing, you don't have to earn a star before you can use the uppercut, despite what Mike Tyson's Punchout said.
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Response by poster: certainly, it may be made up for the game, but what _is_ it? There must be a reason the word 'reverse' is used..
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