Mystery shag carpet monopoly board
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Please help me track down information on an apparently obscure style of Monopoly game board.

Hello mefi people, I'm hoping someone can help me track down a monopoly board that my brother has possesion of. It was my mother's, she unfortunately doesn't seem to recall much about it. It's been given to my brother after sitting in a garage for some time.

The board is an odd mix of 'puffy' rubber type material for the play area, and yellow shag carpeting. It would appear to be a legit monopoly board, and has the original instrucion sheet, but no box. here's a link to some pictures i took last weekend.

So i'm looking for any information about this board, such as when/how long it was produced, were other colors made, rough value, and should we use this for games, or is this really rare and get it boxed up protected? My brother and I are just trying to figure out what we can about the board as neither of us have been able to track down any information on boards fo this type. Thanks in advance for your help. If you need more information from me please email me (in profile) and i can arrange more pictures or post more information.
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That's very cool! It looks like it also came in red shag... Here are two results for "1961 Monopoly rug."
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Well, actually it's ONE result (they're both the same site).
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You should definitely cross-post this question to the Board Game Geek forums. They'll know way more about it than you probably want to know.
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There are Monopoly collectors (and another one). I don't see anything like your board in their collections, so they'd probably be interested :)
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You might be interested in this question - the link posted by jessamyn looks like it might be useful to you.
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