Looking for an almost-pachinko game.
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Looking for an almost-pachinko game.I am trying to remember the name of a pachinko-like game where steel balls bounce down through the mechanism, and are clearly collected in slots at the bottom for scoring. In fact, I think it may have been called "pachinko" at the time, as this was before the Japanese version was widely known, but I am pretty sure there is another, specific name for this type of machine.

It would look something like this, but the descriptive page isn't all that helpful, telling me it's a Caille Log Cabin Trade Stimulator, which turns up bupkis.

Ideally, I'd like to find a video of the machine in action, but I'd be happy with just a name so I can search effectively. I'd also be pleased as punch with a similar machine, the key point being it collects the game items in separate slots at the bottom. It is an opening demo for a seminar on organizational techniques.
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It looks like a bean machine or Galton board, although those are mathematical demonstrations rather than games. Seattle's Pacific Science Center has a 10-foot-tall version.
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Google's sponsored links for "galton board" included this plinko board, which seems to be a good search term.
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Plinko! That's the sucker I remember! The bean machine and Galton board are also very usable. Thank you!
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Plinko is also famous for being on The Price is Right. It's played with a "chip" or puck, and only one chip is used at a time. Searches for Plinko will be mostly about the Price is Right, and most videos I found are of the game show or of homemade versions of the TV game.
I know, most would say it's obvious but you didn't mention it so here it is in case you need help searching.
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