An alien blew up my brain!
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Please help me remember the name of an old scifi novel about an alien that sucks knowledge out of other people's brains, killing them.

It was an old book when I read it when I was a youth and that was over 20 years ago. So I'm pretty sure that it is at least 30 years old. The basic premise as best I can remember is that a man (or a couple) saw a space ship land in his/their field and found the alien pilot still alive. The alien looked like a young man and they took him home to help him heal. He accidentally killed them by removing knowledge from their brains telepathically. He continued to do this to others for years. He eventually became a very important person but was killed in the end by a method I can no longer remember.

I would like to find and read this book again to see how much my taste and interpretation has changed over the years.

Thanks, hive mind.
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There was a really uber-cheesy "Star-Trek" novel called "Dream of the Raven" that had giant intelligent birds that'd crack you skull, gobble up your brain and absorb your knowledge and memories.

But I'm guessing "no match" here.
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It sounds quite familiar, but I can't come up with title/author. I'll take a look at my bookshelves when I get home.
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