Superior Hiking Trail
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Recommendations for the Superior Hiking Trail.

A friend of mine and I will be hiking for four days on the Superior Hiking Trail. I've only done a little bit by Silver Bay.

What's a good, somewhat remote spot on the SHT that is nonetheless quite beautiful?

We'll probably go straight for four days and hitchhike back to the car.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
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my very favorite area is near tofte - carlton peak and temperance river - soo beautiful.

i would also recommend trying more of cook county all the way north to hovland and on to grand portage. in grand portage (off the SHT) the best view in minnesota can be had from Mt. Josephine

I think if you head up to the area north of grand marais... especially hovland - grand portage you will get the best topography and very remote quiet areas.


carlton peak
temperance river
grand portage
reservation river

feel free to ask for more specifics
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Man, it's all good. If you can work in the stretch including the Devil track River, you're really in for a treat.

Two of specialk420's highlights- Carlton Peak and Temperance River- can be incorporated into a multi-day hike that, if you plan it right, could end at Lutsen. Which isn't remote, but would maximize your chances of finding a ride at the end. I did a 3-day hike a few years ago that started at Lutsen and ended at the Temperance... if you added a segemtn or two south of the Temperance, you'd have a nice 4-day hike (which, if you went South-to-North, could end at Lutsen).

Although now that I think about it, the chunk heading north from Lutsen is also pretty nice...
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oh yes... devils track - good call. that area is heading toward hovland and grand portage. nice.
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