Help me find Harry Potter Spoilers
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Please help me spoil Harry Potter 7!

So I've finished Harry Potter, and now I want to read all of the spoilers I wouldn't let myself read before. I'm most interested in those that are creative and elaborate, yet ultimately, though seeing who got it right before it really leaked might be interesting too. I'm more interested in stuff that was actually supposed to spoil it, rather than straight up fan-fics. I've check the wired article that was on Metafilter a while back, but it's changed to a spoof.
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Something like this?
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The best lists I've seen are on Livejournal, but it's down today. Will post them when I can.
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I thought Keith Olbermann's guesses were remarkably astute, and nearly all correct. Interesting that he took "market pressures" into consideration when thinking about what Rowling would do.
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This isn't quite what you were looking for, but I can't help but link it: Spoiler Alert
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The Harry Potter page on Encyclopedia Dramatica has lots of wacky spoiler hijinks.
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Encyclopedia Dramatica link has some NSFW pics/language, careful.
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Can anyone let me in on the reference from the final paragraph of Olberman's article:
"Harry, Ron and Hermione enter a diner. They order Butter Beer and onion rings. Voldemort is sitting at the lunch counter, marking time. Outside, Ron’s sister, Ginny, is having a hell of a time parallel parking, even though she’s using her wand. And just then the door to the diner opens and Harry Potter looks up and—the last 11 pages of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” are freaking blank. "
I feel like I should get it, but I don't.
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Chudmonkey, it's a Soprano's finale reference.
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Cheers, inigo2!
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For more Potter/Sopranos mashup fun, see this article. (not particularly HP spoilery)
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The Book Spoiler has a nice long summary of the book and then a sweet "cut to the chase" spoiler as well. Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but the short, twenty-sentence version was all I needed. The site can be a little wonky, but if I refresh once or twice it works.
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I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for, but I bookmarked some stuff without reading it because I didn't want to be spoiled either.

Short Yahoo article which led me to the zendurl/hallows page (cached because appears to be down).

Here's a yahoo article on snape

Group interview of JKR where she talks about stuff not covered in the book.

Sorry for the two cruddy yahoo links that disappear after a few weeks.
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Oh, apparently that last link is the Today Show/Meredith Vieira interview she did.
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Oh, and apparently, Dumbledore is gay! .... not that there is anything wrong with that!
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