Help an inexperienced bridesmaid plan a bachlorette party on a budget
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I need help planning a bachlorette party for my best friend around Washington, DC. I have no idea what to do or how to do it!

Hello all. I am trying to plan a bachlorette party for my best friend. All the bridesmaids are between 22 and 25 and don't have a great deal of extra money to spend... so flights are out, must be within driving distance of Washington, DC.

A little about us that would help:
We enjoy going out to bars... a lot.
We also want to be able to hang out with just the group of us one of the nights.
We are looking to do this for 2 nights in mid september

That being said:
We are all located in Washington, DC. We need a place or ideas that we can go to that will be fun, inexpensive, and memorable. We were originally going to just have a bar night here and that go to a friend's lakehouse, but that is no longer available.

ANY ideas, suggestions, etc are much needed. Where should we go? What should we do?
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check this out

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posted by chickaboo at 9:39 AM on July 23, 2007

Lots of Bachelorette parties go to the Maryland Renaissance Festival. You can show some cleavage, get your hair braided, and drink tons of beer.
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I went to a bachelorette party recently at a bar hosting a burlesque show. Super fun! Those sorry boys got regular old strippers, we got dynamite in maribou. Club Chaos seems to be the place to go for that in DC.
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I threw one where we did dinner at Tabaq Bistro on U street (roof level -- great view of the city), then drinks at St. Ex, and then on to the Black Cat for dancing (Right Round that night). All three places are in close proximity to each other and the U Street Metro stop. Those might not be the best choices if you're going the fake-veil-dressed-up-rowdy-route but it was a nice alternative to that.
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