Where's the fish?
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Fishing near Boston?

My daughter loves to fish, as do I, but unfortunately I am not good at it. I've decided that the problem must be location, location, location and not my poor skills.

Does anyone have a good fishing hole they can share? The restrictions are: I don't have a boat, nor will I rent one. Shore fishing spots only please. I also don't want to hike for an hour if I can avoid it. It would be best to find a nice place to drive to, park, walk for a few minutes, cast in and at least catch one fish during the stay.

The impossible dream? Help my poor daughter out here.
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You used to be able to fish on the pier behind JFK, but they kick you out often now. Short of that, there is some fishing at Castle Island.

No guarantees on catching a fish though. No idea what it's like at the shore, but we've been off the coast of Scituate/Nantasket this summer and it's all dogfish.
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I don't fish, but I see plenty of people fishing on "upper" (not that far up, but...) Charles, especially from the Moody Street bridge in Waltham and the footbridges along the river. One footbridge is essentially at the parking lot of the Shaw's on River Street in Waltham, and the other is a short walk east (downriver) from the parking lot of the Stop and Shop on Pleasant Street in Watertown.
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Have you tried Jamaica Pond? In, uh, Jamaica Plain. I've never fished there, but people do and it's stocked by the state. So not a natural fishing experience, per se, but I think JP's a cool place to spend the afternoon.
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Try Walden Pond in Concord, but get there early or call ahead as they limit the # of people in the park to 1,000 at a time.
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Thanks SSF. I know of plenty of places to fish, and have tried many. What I am wondering is if anyone who fishes has a good spot they can vouch for.
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I have often seen people who look like they are fishing out of need at this spot. And I haven't noticed this phenomenon anywhere else in Boston proper, so it may actually be a productive spot. It's Muddy River, just east of Kenmore Square under the overpass, between Charlesgate West and East. However, I think there are signs saying that the fish are not safe to eat. But if you're just looking to catch and release, it may work. The area, as I remember it, is quite forlorn.

The only other place I have first-hand knowledge of is this pier in Weymouth. I saw lots of guys fishing and a respectable number of fish in their buckets. It was just around this time of year, too. You might check what sorts of fish run when off the Harbor Islands, as I think taking the ferry to one of the islands to fish would be a great adventure.
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