Recommend some good online games?
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What is the best game to play online these days? And don't say Counterstrike.
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i'm happy with natural selection .
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Battlefield Vietnam is a lot of fun if you can find a good server. Needs some patches to handle lingering lag issues, but otherwise it's one of the best multiplayer games I've played.

The thing is, right now the best gaming is offline - namely, Far Cry. You MUST get Far Cry (and you must have a hell of a system for it). Also, for those wondering: Hitman Contracts plays like a giant expansion pack of Hitman 2 more than anything - some 8 levels out of 13 in it are remakes of old Hitman 1 levels.
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I used to have a lot of fun playing 'Infantry' (sonystation): the graphics 'sux0rz' and there's a lot of obnoxious teenagers speaking hax0rz, but it's surprisingly hard to master, and the teamplay - if you can get into a decent squad - can be, er, awesome. Don't know how the game is doing these days.
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I'm liking "Call Of Duty". Very basic, highly addictive, and no monthly charges.
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I have no idea if it's the best, since it's the only one I play, but this is my evil addiction.
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Crack Cocaine
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I too am liking Call of Duty. HUGE outdoor maps, the biggest I've ever seen in a FPS. Lots of different game styles (mission based or just good ol' death match) and realistic WWII weapons.

The single player experience is worth the cost alone.
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I've been out of the gaming loop for about a year, but I was hardcore into SOF2 for a while. I was playing custom maps with a sniper clan. A whole different experience from the kids-with-rpgs vibe.
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progress quest remains the epitomie of mmorpg's.
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Kenamen----Damn you!!!!!
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Can't stop playing Age of Chaos. Sad I am.
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Kingdom of Loathing
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I like Second Life
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I'm all about Battlefield Vietnam. We should start a clan, d00d!
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I'm still playing Halo, because I am cheap, and don't really pirate warez anymore.
(plus, and I know YMMV, I avoid games where the targets are human
(robots, zombies, weird aliens and demons are OK) but that's probably just me)
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Tribes 2 is still incredibly fun (50-person CTF with enormous maps, vehicles) and so old as to be basically free.
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Battlefield Vietnam is lots of fun but it is in bad, bad need of a patch to fix some issues.

And Tribes 2 really is free.
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Tetrinet. Free, multiplayer tetris.
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Subspace/Continuum is fun. I mostly play the TrenchWars variation. A key ingredient of both is that they're games that you can play for 10 minutes and then stop.
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i got back into warcraft 3: frozen throne and i'm probably going to be playing city of heroes when it comes out.

guess what my name will be ;)
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since no one has mentioned it, i have been playing lots of bzflag lately. it is quite fun and addictive. plus it's cross platform!
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Unreal Tournament 2004 is pretty fun. It's also kinda the only game I've been playing online lately so I don't know that it's the best but there ya go.
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Until recently i played Planetside like there was no tomorrow - I have finally managed to kick it. Stay clear of it if you know whats good for you.
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I've been enjoying the City of Heroes beta, and I only expect it to get better when it goes live for real this weekend.

But yeah, it doesn't get a lot better than NetHack.
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UT2K4 (the demo only) is my one-hour break from reality each night.

On a good server, with some good players, it's a wonderful pitched-battle. Never before have I enjoyed LOSING as much as WINNING.
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although it's still in beta Joint Operations:Typhoon Rising has become my favorite (first game I've ever preordered).
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Battlefield: Vietnam is the best sniping game I have ever played. But I have ethical objections to the game as a whole. Also, I don't have a PC.
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I second Unreal Tournament.
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I second Soldier of Fortune 2. Best. FPS. Ever.
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Rise of Nations, if you're into RTS. Expansion pack next week!
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WolfDaddy: I played RoN, and was excited about it for some time, but really, I dunno. In theory it perfects the RTS concept, but in practice it's just not that fun for me. I like the resource model and everything, and the units are fairly easy to manage, but it seems to be only a mild benefit to use actual strategy rather than hurling troops at one another.

By some standards, Age of Kings still has better graphics than any 3D RTS. It's by far my favorite, everything fits together so neatly. I'd say it's aging well, but it isn't even aging. It's still the best out there by far IMO gameplay wise, and due to the fact that the strategy scene doesn't focus on glitz it's not falling behind too severely in that department either.

Maybe RoN has gotten a bit bettetr with the expansion packs and such, but I dunno. Just saying, my submission is AoK for best online game. (Then again, I still play UT with an unopened copy of UT2003 sitting right next to me in a cardboard box with some other miscellaneous stuff ;) )
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Any of these (besides nethack) available for Linux?
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abcde, my primary love of RoN is its pacing. You go from hurling rocks to nukes at one another in an hour or less, yet the game to me never feels rushed, or too complicated to manage. AoK always seemed to take MUCH longer to hit the endgame for some reason. I don't dip into multiplayer waters all that often, so perhaps that's why RoN suits me.

And agreed about UT vs its later iterations. :-)
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bzflag that i mentioned earlier runs on windows, linux and mac OS X

just make sure you have opengl installed
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