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best night out with a special girl in melbourne australia

just imagine hypothetically you were an australian who had been out of the coutnry for a few years, and had the chance to return and meet up with a girl who was kind of special to you, and wanted to go somewhre quiet and impressive for a quality dinner, at any cost but not being silly. where is the best place in melbourne to go? nothing too dramatic, just a quality meal, somewhere classy inner city
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Well the best (read most expensive) restaurants are commonly held to be the Flower Drum, Vue de Monde or Jacques Reymond.

Grab a copy of the Age Good Food Guide.. at any bookstore or news agency.. it is the Bible of eating out in Melbourne.
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Best answer: Booking at the Flower Drum, Vue de Monde or Jacque Raymond requires about a 2-3 month wait for an evening. You can get a booking for lunchtimes there rapidly (within days for the Flower Drum, I don't know about the others). Flower Drum you could eat at for about $AU 60-70 per head comfortably. The other two are more I think.

But what TheOtherGuy said about the Good Food Guide.

If you can't get hold of one as your somewhere else put up a message here or email me and I'll get the a list of the 2-3 hats in the city for you.
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I don't know about dinner, (I'm an Adelaide lad) but afterwards I'd do my best to head to the Melbourne Supper Club Bar. It's not so crowded that you can't have a conversation, but not so quiet that you feel odd for speaking. And it's across from parliament house (or some other equally nice building) and has a really good vibe to it.
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Response by poster: wow i didnt expect anyone austrlian even read this site, nice responses. vue de m could be it, i dont want to put pressure on things, but if it's nice im happy to pay. i dont think flower drum is the right impression. i will ponder vue de monde for a bit - im not headed back til aug so hopefully could get the booking i need
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Oh - from personal experience The Flower Drum is very, very good.

A friend says Vue de Monde is spectacular.
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I was going to say Mecca ( had a nice meal there when I visited three years ago), but it's closed.
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Um, correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't people here recommending the famous best-of-the-best restaurants - the Melbourne equivalents of Sydney icons like Tetsuya's or Rockpool? I'm not really sure that's what edtut had in mind.
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If the food is the important thing, rather than the atmosphere, take her to Thy Thy 1, at the top of the stairs at 148 Victoria St Richmond. The pho there is to die for.
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Response by poster: ok, um actually the most important thing is that it is quite and classy so that we can talk, but at the same time doesnt put pressure on by being too precise. i just wanted to know if there was somewhere special i didnt know that had a great view, or special food, or an atmosphere that has to be tried. any suggestions welcome. is the hungry jacks still on the corner of russel st and bourke? actually last time in melb i really liked the belle zaine restaurant, but i think it is better in summer
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Mecca went downhill seriously towards the end. However Mecca Bar at Docklands is meant to be good.
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If you want somewhere that doesn't put on the pressure, stay the hell away from Lygon St. I've never known that level of hassle from people touting for business outside of places like Cairo or New Delhi.
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Supper Club is your best bet. Incredibly classy without being snooty, and quiet enough that you can catch up without shouting. Remember, if you're a smoker, you won't be able to light up at all indoors after Saturday night, when the non-smoking bans come in.
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Meh, I used to live just off Victoria St and Thy Thy was well past it's useby date a couple of years ago.

So... unless it's had a renaissance, I'd give it a swerve. What about Circa at the Prince? Altho, again, it's been a few years, it was effing brilliant. Quiet, cool... and with a vodka bar downstairs.

And I've always had a soft spot for de los santos on Brunswick St. (Can get a bit noisy on Friday and weekends tho.)

Melbourne has so, so much in the way of yum, I'm sure you'll be able to find the right thing. Good luck!
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Upstairs at the Stokehouse, in St Kilda. Make sure you secure a window table when you make a reservation.
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