What's the best source for info on the first "Oklahoma" authors?
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I'm looking for a journal article or book that addresses the first writers active in Oklahoma territory (before statehood in 1907). I've tried Google Scholar, but perhaps my Google-fu isn't as strong as it could be, because I'm not coming up with very good results. I'm trying to find a source that deals with the first authors (Native American, white, black, whomever) known to have published letters, articles, poems, or fiction in the territory that would come to be known as Oklahoma. Thanks!
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Best answer: Here is a short article on the history of Oklahoma newspapers. The OK Hisotrical society has a newspaper index online. It looks like what they have there sort of covers most of the time period you are interested in. The Tulsa library has an online list of OK Authors some of whom were writers during territorial times. These folks have a list of OK Authors some of which were during that time period but their website is hard to use.

If I were you, I'd cut to the chase and call the OK Department of Libraries. I am certain you are not the first person who has asked this question and they probably have a nice bibliography they could send you.
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I would think that a librarian at the Oklahama History Center would be able to give you a pretty comprehensive list.
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*glares at Jessamyn for stealing his thunder*
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Response by poster: Thanks! These are very helpful!
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jackypaper, my stepmother works with the Oklahoma Historical Society and the soon-to-be opened American Indian Cultural Center. She works specifically in ephemera. Email me if you'd like to get in touch with her.
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