What is this short story?
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After an extensive Google search, I have yet another "name that short story" question, posed by a friend.

Here's his description:

"The story is about this sales guy, he sells some sort of relish or marinade or something, and he lives with a detective on the police force to split rent. The detective tells him about this case where they suspect a murder but they can't find the body just a lot of roughly hewn wood, not stacked or anything just chopped up into wild pieces. In the house there's a used bottle of the same marinade/relish and they realize that there's no body because the guy must've just wildly chopped wood to work up an appetite and then used the marinade to make the guy taste edible."

He read it in middle school, and hasn't been able to find it since. I've tried searching for "marinade cannibal short story" and similar, but have no luck. Any ideas? Thanks!
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Best answer: It's a Lord Dunsany story, "The Two Bottles of Relish".
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Response by poster: Thanks!
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