DIY Bridal Shower Projects
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My wife is helping throw a shower for a close friend and colleague.

She's looking for good ideas for what to do. The bride is very smart, nice and into DIY type projects. The bride is not conventional and would love something unique and different. Some suggestions already entertained were:

--A cooking lesson, like Thai food or ice-cream making or putting together the perfect Vietnamese summer roll.

--A plants party -- herbs, flowers -- people could pot for themselves and take home?

--Learning ayurvedic scalp massage or reflexology.

--Invitees bringing three favorite recipes, and everyone turns them into a scrap/cookbook for the couple.

Do you have any other ideas? Thanks again.
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Response by poster: And just to further clarify, the point is that she would love a unique and different shower. Something not built on gift-acquisition but, rather, an activity or experience that everyone could participate in. Also, it will be a female-only shower but invitees will range from 20s to 50s. Thanks.
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The recipe sharing sounds like a good idea but I would maybe open it up a bit and have everyone bring their most used recipes (staples) + recipes for special occasions. (Maybe make it 5-10 recipes per person.)
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My sister recently threw a "pottery" shower for a friend. They rented out one of those "paint your own pottery" places and all of the guests made something for the bride & groom to keep. She said everyone had a lot of fun ... I think most people did mugs & dishes.
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Just a note that asking people to bring 3, or even 5-10 recipes, may be asking a LOT. We asked for one, and narrowed it to favorite cookie recipe. Most did it, some didn't remember. Five to 10 means you either have to sit down and handwrite those, or you have to get to a copier or have them entered into a computer (lots of older folks don't have this done).

I have heard of the fun gourmet cooking class/sushi making class showers. We brought a masseuse to my best friend's shower and as maid of honor, I paid for everyone to get a massage.
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I just wanted to say that I love the idea of a plant/herb/flower exchange and wish I had thought of it in time for my shower.
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For my best friend's shower, I asked people to submit the recipes to me in advance, and then I compiled them into the cookbook ahead of time. I had a copy made for everyone as the "favor." I still refer to mine pretty regularly. The nice thing was that we had invited a lot of people who couldn't attend, but they still sent recipes, so it was sort of like they were there in spirit. (And yes, I sent them cookbooks.)
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We did this at a bachelorette party once, but it could work for a bridal was a good/bad theme. Everyone brought a personal pampering-type gift (bath oils, soaps, aromatic candles), or a gift that they themselves would like to get to set the scene for a night of romance (slinky underwear, Kama Sutra-y books). Then, as each gift was opened. the giver had to relate something "bad"or embarrassing about their husband/boyfriend/significant other (for no other purpose than to have everyone laugh at their oafish behavior). For example, I gave a gift certificate for dinner for two at a local steakhouse, and related the time that I took Mr. Adams out on Valentine's Day for dinner. I hadn't told him ahead of time, but the restaurant had a special dinner for two that included a heart-shaped steak. When the entree was placed in front of us, Mr. Romance laughed and said, "Hey, look! The steak is shaped just like a butt!"
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