What's a word meaning "having mixed Greek and Latin roots"?
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I need to find the word meaning "a word with mixed Latin and Greek roots." It's not just "hybrid word," but a word that specifically indicated Greek and Latin origins. I've had several people remark that they know it but can't think of it, and my search skills have failed thusfar.
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Classical compound?
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I've heard it referred to as a 'bastardism.'
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In Spanish you say "grecolatino," though I search with that tetm and didn't find much. I only included it here 'cause it might help you remember the one you are looking for.
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Greco-Roman hybrid? Just a guess, but googling that found this. I know that's not a single word, but it's the best I could come up with.
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I searched for a full five minutes and I have concluded that this is your chance to coin a new word.
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I've heard words like that referred to as "chimeras," but that doesn't specifically denote the Greco-Roman sense ("Greco-Roman chimeras" might work, or you could go all meta on a lexochimera...)
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No idea, but maybe you were thinking of this quote - "Television? The word is half Greek, half Latin. No good can come of it."
C. P. Snow
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The Tenser has written about this a few times, and he seems to call them "Greek-Latin hybrid compounds."

Unexciting, I guess, but there you have it.
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