Is there an OB in the house?
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Is a dropping progesterone level, if everything else looks good, seriously bad news?

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My wife is currently 7 weeks pregnancy, and for the first time her
progesterone dropped instead of rose, from 17.9 last week to 16.1 this
week. Our doc assures us that a one-time drop isn't worrisome, and
that 16.1 is still a fine level.


Of course, the wife is worried about the drop. Everything is fine
otherwise: heard a heartbeat, seen good bloodflow, etc. If next week
doesn't show an increase, he will put her on a supplement. Has anyone
been through this, and can give us some advice on dealing with the
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If everything else looks good, it's not necessarily bad news. There are lots of factors involved here. Although her worry is definitely understandable. How are her HCG levels - doubling steadily? And have you been able to see anything on a vaginal ultrasound? (It would be too early to see anything on an external one).
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Oh and IANAOB.
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This happened in both my pregnancies. There has been some research that supliments don't help but they did bring my levels up and they definitely don't hurt. Have her call her Dr and tell them she wants some suppliments. He should be willing to give her some as long as there are no other issues. IANAD but been there done that twice. Best of luck to you.
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supplements (sorry!)
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Yes, it can be worrisome - get a second opinion. I became pregnant after three rounds of IVF, and one of the biggest issues was that my body wasn't making enough progesterone to support the pregnancy.

I took progesterone injections and oral support for the first 12 weeks of my pregnancy, and by then my body was making enough that it was fine (I delivered my healthy twins at 36w5d).

It can't hurt to get a second opinion about progesterone.
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