Where do I buy the Chinese version of Soul Mountain?
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Where do I buy the book "Soul Mountain" by Gao Xingjian -- written in Chinese?

I don't want an English translation... but I don't speak/read Chinese, either. This would be a gift for someone (who reads Mandarin), and I have no idea how to buy it....
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YesAsia is your friend. Although it took me a while to remember the name. That link should bring you directly to the page where you can buy it. If it doesn't work, browse to YesAsia, input "灵山" (hope your computer can see those characters) and then switch to English (near the top).
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Best answer: Yesasia.com sells it in traditional chinese. (No referrer link)

Ignore their translation, that is the correct book.
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Here is the link for the simplified chinese version.

However for some reason, under product information they list "Traditional chinese". You may want to contact them to verify.
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Yeah, I noticed that, too. In Chinese it's the same deal - It says simplified Chinese near the title, and then traditional Chinese under 'Language', so it's not just a webmaster error. Contacting them would be a good idea.

The default for the entire site seems to be traditional Chinese. =\ Silly me for not noticing the 'English' button earlier.
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You might be interested in this by one of my old teachers to go with.
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Response by poster: Thanks all! Someday, I'll have to learn to speak/read Chinese, but until then...
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