Santa plays the Horde!?
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In order to illustrate a part of a loooong blog post I'm finishing about World of Warcraft, I'm looking for a small, one panel comic that features Santa Claus raising his fist and, to his apparent disbelief, yelling "For the Horde!" to Rudolph. For the life of me I can't find it. Could any of you hope me on the matter?

An Alliance counterpart would be fine too - doesn't have to be santa, just to be funny.

Additionnatlly, I'm open to any funny and/or representative illustration/video about WoW. I'm using a few videos already: Office Space commercial, "Live to win" section of the South Park episode, and the "Gay Bar" video from the Pretty Pink Ponies guild. I won't be putting the "Warcraft is for porn" video, 'cos my post is all written in French.

In short, I don't need much else than the Hordy Santa, but if you know of something truly good, please don't hesitate!

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Response by poster: Maybe I need to add this: I'm not requesting for someone to draw the comic for me. It does exists, I already saw it some months ago, but my Google-fu is failing me.
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This isn't what you're asking for, but maybe it'll be close enough for you to work with. (It's a flash. But you can single-step it, and take screen snaps from it.)
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Best answer: Is this it?

Your Google-fu needs a-tunin', methinks. :D
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Response by poster: Thanks archagon, that's the one! :)

I'd be curious to know what were your google-keywords for this one :)
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"for the horde" santa comic
Third link.
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Response by poster: I hate you :)
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