Coppery/iron-like smell in the air after it rains?
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Where I grew up in a suburb of LA, a coppery/iron-like smell, reminiscent of pennies or blood, would always waft unpleasantly through the air after it rained. I could never locate its source. Has anyone else had this experience, and what causes this?
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Where in LA are we talking about?
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Yes, I am familiar with this, and I grew up in Virginia. In particular, I recall the earth smelling copper-ish after a brief summer rain.
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Grew up in Jersey, and I always smelled this after a spring/summer shower. I always just associated it with warm weather rains, especially quick, heavy showers.
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Response by poster: Interesting answers so far.

Where in LA are we talking about?

Near Pasadena...
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Your description brings to mind a short summer rain in salt lake city. I didn't find it unpleasant, and wouldn't have described it as you did, but now that I think of it, I can see the connection

Apparently the smell metal is actually an organic compound
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Also, for what it's worth, the "coppery" or metallic smell you associate with pennies isn't really the smell of metal at all. It's the scent of various organic compounds... apparently some ketones are implicated.

This is based on some research that came out and made the rounds of news organizations last year... maybe somebody else can come up with a better citation.
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I grew up in Sierra Madre -- and now live in Long Beach.
The air after a rain did smell different, I think. My parents explained it as "dissolved smog."
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I have kind of the opposite thing... I always lived in Southern California up until now so I know that smell as normal. For 2 years I've been trying to figure out why the post-rain air smells so much different in the Bay area. I just figured that maybe it's because there's less polution where I live now.
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I'm in Canada, and I've lived in England, and what you've described is "the smell after rain." I've smelled it everywhere, but more often after a short, sharp rain than a prolonged storm.

Possibly another language actually has a word for it.
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I know the smell you're talking about. But it seems to me that I only notice it after the first rain after a dry spell. I always thought it was caused by splatter of the rain kicking up the dirt and oil off the street. After the first rain, the dirt and oil have been washed away so you don't have the smell after subsequent rains. When it's dry for awhile the dirt and oil have a chance to accumulate and the next rain kicks them up again.

At least that's my explanation.
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Petrichor(wikipedia) is a word for the smell of rain on dry Earth.

I remember having an argument with a friend in high school who maintained, perhaps in jest, that it would be impossible for that to have a smell because rain is water and water doesn't have a smell. Haha.
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I'd always heard it explained as being ozone in the air.
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Response by poster: Do you recall if this happened during rain storms with little or no lightning, or only when there was noticeable lightning?

No recollection at all, unfortunately.

Petrichor(wikipedia) is a word for the smell of rain on dry Earth.

But is this always coppery?
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i always thought it was the smell of ozone, produced by lightning hitting oxygen, and pulled down to nose-altitude by raindrops.
either that or the fishy bloody smell of worms getting squshed on the sidewalk. but it's a familar and not entirely unpleasant smell in ontario, where i grew up.
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I live near the mouth of a river that runs through agricultural areas and this coppery/pungent smell is extremely overpowering after a heavy rain, while the river and surf is running brown. I suspect it has something to do with agricultural runoff.
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