where to sit at the at&t center
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I have two pairs of tickets in two different sections for a concert at the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Tx. Where should I sit?

My boyfriend bought two pairs of tickets and we now have to choose where to sit. Neither of us have ever been to the AT&T Center, so I was hoping that someone who has been there can tell me what the better seats are. The seating chart for the concert can be seen here. We have two tickets in the F6 section, and two in the 108 section. I'm not sure which rows, but I can ask. By the way, the concert's in June.
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It's really a personal preference thing.
I would personally take the seats in F6. While I've never been to that venue, I always find that I prefer seats on the floor. The only downside could be if you're in the last row and you feel like you're a kilometre from the band. The 108 section tickets wouldn't be entirely bad, you'll most likely have an unobstructed view of the stage and you're (a little bit) closer, but much higher.
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The 108 seats are raised up a bunch, so you'll have a really clear view of the band, even when everyone stands up. The floor seats in F6 will be closer and more central, but it's gonna be really hard to see over the heads of all the people in front of you. Also, if I remember correctly, the stage is pretty high, so you'll have to crane your neck quite a bit the entire night.

However, floor seats generally give you access to the area around the sound booth, if you're into that sort of thing.
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Best answer: This website might help you out. You only get small preview pictures unless you pay, but it gives you a sense of what the view is like.
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Best answer: We sat in 126 for the Stones, and really, all the arena level seats there aren't bad view-wise, but I'm thinking the sound would be a fair bit better on the floor. 108 is kind of far off to the side. I think you'll be able to see from the floor, no problem.
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Response by poster: OK, thanks for your answers. I think we're going to take the floor seats, I just hope I don't get to sit behind some Texas-size cowboy or something, since I'm on the short side, for american standards. My boyfriend, too. It'd be really unfortunate to drive 6 hours to San Antonio, just to have someone blocking my view the whole concert.
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