How do I work wicker?
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Resources for wicker basket making? I need to learn wicker working.

I'm in need of some being pointed in the direction of good online or perhaps even paper book resources for wicker basket making and wicker working in general. Google search returns to me lots of places to buy wicker baskets and none for making the things. Any good wicker primers out there?

Context: I'm hoping to develop the skills to make a wicker shield. I figured that, "I need instruction on making fannes (i.e. a wicker shield) in the style of English knights for the practice of swordsmanship with a waster" might've been as useful as "I need to learn wicker working."
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My mother learned basketweaving at a class - the end result being about two dozen random baskets just sitting around - in town. Like any art form, it might be better to take a class instead of using a book to get a feel for the materials, but if one can't, it's okay. This page seems like a good place to start.

I don't know if wicker is particularly awful or easy to work, but I'd treat it like any other reed - lots of soaking and doing things in big buckets of water.
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