Where did the sports term chalk come from?
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What is the origin of the term "chalk", as it refers to the higher seeded team in basketball, or the betting favorite? Is this related to Rock, Chalk, Jayhawk, KU ?

I've read the history of the "Rock, Chalk, Jayhawk" chant, as well as Urban Dictionary's info on "chalk". The first makes no correlation between the chant, and the term used in this manner. The latter does not explain how the term came into being, or why it's become (to my ear at least) much more prominent in the past couple years. Did Dickie V spread this into popular use?
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"Chalk - When a horse is the favorite -- or has the most money bet on it -- that horse is termed the "chalk." Interestingly, this term comes from the pre-computer era of the bookie. When a bookie recorded bets on a blackboard, the odds would change over and over as more and more people bet on the favorite. The horse became known as the "chalk" because the horse's name would disappear in chalk dust as the bookie constantly erased and lowered the horse's odds."
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Ummm... cool. Is there a link?
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Looks like Racehorse Magazine.
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gramcracker - hah! Last night the KU Rugby team was having an argument over the meaning of "rock chalk," and we settled on your answer. Good to know we were historically accurate.
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Thanks gram - I had already read the history of RockChalk. I was more interested in chalk, as in "I'm picking all chalk in my bracket!"

I was asking if the two were related, but it seems that they aren't.
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