Giro d'Italia Route Maps
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Where on the web are detailed routes or maps of the 2007 Giro d'Italia?

This summer I will be in the vicinity of the Giro and I really want to watch one stage in person, at least. My problem is the route maps aren't very detailed and I can't tell what parts of the route are closest to where I'll be (San Gimignano).

Every site about the race seem to use the exact same graphics and just list start and finish locations. Most likely they came from the official Giro site itself. About the best I can find is here, which is just a larger version of the same map.

Someone started a Google Earth project for the Giro, but it only has route details for some of the mountain stages.

From the map, it looks like stages 7, 8, 9 and 10 are the best candidates, but I need more info to plan my outings.
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Best answer: Overall map
Stage list with map links
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Best answer: The Giro is like the Tour de France - they won't publish a detailed route book until maybe two weeks before the start. My suggestion would be to plan a day trip to one of the start or finish towns. Then you can see the race, but also spend the rest of the day doing something else.
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