How can I remove scratches from chrome plated steel?
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How can I remove scratches from chrome plated steel? I couldn't find an answer for this, probably because it's not possible.

I'm looking for a way to remove some very minor scratches from my chrome plated steel tail pipes that I can do myself. I laid it down once. :(

The scratches are all together in one area, nothing real deep. Hair line thickness probably, all within the area of say 2x3 inches.

Here's a pic of the bike, the scratches are so small you can barely see them on the picture. But they are right there at the end.
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Brasso polish. Smells like hell, but it buffs* anything. *May require a ton of elbow grease depending on the scratches.
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Simichrome. Accept no substitutes.
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I've used Blue Magic metal polish to good effect on pipes. It's probably all the same stuff; your results depend on how much elbow grease you apply.
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