Winter's last gasp
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Things to do with snow before it's all gone.

Spring is just a few days away, but there's still quite a bit of snow where I am in Newfoundland, Canada. We'll probably get even more of it over the next few weeks.

What's the best thing to do with fresh snow before it all turns to rain?
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If it's still clean and fluffy, put maple syrup on it; eat.

But you're Canadian; you knew that...
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1. snowman
2. snow angels
3. snowball fight
4. snow forts, possibly for use in snowball fight
5. tunnels through and beneath said snow forts
6. snowshoeing
7. skiing/snowboarding
8. tobogganing
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Make a bunch of snowballs.
Place in plastic bags.
Place bags in freezer.


On the hottest day of the summer, remove bags and have a snowball fight!
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Take some acid.
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Make the weirdest possible snowmen you can in random places around town. Sneak one onto your friend's lawn in the middle of the night. Put one outside your office building or school. Then sit back and smile, knowing you've probably made someone's day.
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Go tobogganing using household objects. I think I read about this somewhere recently ....

Or you could imitate Andy Goldsworthy. But, you know, stochastically.
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Fill a spray bottle with water and food coloring. Make snow sculptures and spray them.
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Write your name in it with urine. Double points if you're a woman and can do this.
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Make the weirdest possible snowmen you can in random places around town.

Make use of Calvin's (of Calvin & Hobbes fame) examples as inspiration.
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Especially this one!
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I immediately thought, the "sinners repent" one is good for the last snow of the season. When I was a kid I reprised it in late winter and almost made my mom slip with laughter when she was coming home in late-evening and saw it.
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Have a maple taffy party.

The link isn't real clear, but you pour the hot syrup on the snow, and as it solidifies (give it a couple minutes) you roll it up on a popsicle stick to get the worlds baddest Sugar Daddy.
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Make like the ancient Romans: scoop into bowls, add fruit syrups and honey.
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Snow Cream!

(This is what we did when I was a kid in North Carolina - it involves a little milk and sugar instead of maple syrup.)
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Tunnels! Or, a giant snow snake.

Also, I'm dittoing the Calvin & Hobbes suggestions.
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Along the same line as tunnels:

1. Throw all the snow into one area and pack down (works best if you have to plow a driveway)
2. If it's at least 4' high, once packed, hollow it out starting at the bottom
3. Enjoy your new badass igloo
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put it in your bong.
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