The Spy Who Wrote Me
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In the movie Breach, notorious spy Robert Hanssen obsesses briefly over a specific brand/model of pen. Anyone know the brand/model Hanssen preferred so much?

According to the LA Times the pen detail is accurate.
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There's an anecodtal answer over at the IMDb: a Pilot Dr. Grip Gel.
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We just watched that movie in theater this weekend. On the big screen, it appears to the Dr. Grip Gel, a very writable pen.
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Oh, and the character who was the "agent" is now a lawyer in DC, so you could ask him via mail if it might have been some other brand? (product placement deals and all...)
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Bilabial, not sure what you mean, Hanssen is in Supermax for the rest of his life.

Not sure what the quotes are for there.

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Response by poster: He means "agent" Eric O'Neill, the person most instrumental in the capture of Robert Hanssen.
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To followup, Eric O'Neill is now an attorney at DLA Piper's DC office. His bio is humorously understated.
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