Wasn't "pointer finger" good enough?
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Why is it called the index finger?

The finger right next to your thumb. The second one. The one you use to pick your nose, or to point and laugh at people who pick their noses. Google and the archives don't seem to know, unless I'm just being dense (which is a definite possibility). I could come up with semi-plausible theories until the cows come home, but is there a definitive answer?
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[Origin: 1350–1400; ME < l: informer, pointer, equiv. to in- in-2 + -dec- (comb. form of dic-, show, declare, indicate; akin to teach) + -s nom. sing. ending] -- source: a href="http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/index">Dictionary.com.
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Oh....so sorry about that...toddler bumped my hand and i didn't click preview...
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. . . which is another way of saying that "pointer finger" in Latin was good enough.
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In Chinese it's called the 食指 (shízhĭ), or 'eating finger'。
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Brings new meaning to the phrase finger food.

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I think the "index" anything tends to refer to the first or primary of something. In genetics, for instance, the 'index case' is the first appearance in a given genealogical group (so if you're the first in your family to manifest a particular recessive disorder, you're the 'index case').
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FWIW, Dutch "wijsvinger" - "point(ing) finger" (Germanic roots as opposed to Latin). Fairly straightforward, and the other fingers are pretty transparent with the English names as well.
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