Is there a comprehensive online list of upcoming Wii games?
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Where can I find a comprehensive list of announced Wii games and their status online?

I'm a boardgame geek, amongst other things, and there's an awesome part of called Gone Cardboard, where they have a "comprehensive list of upcoming game releases within North America. Each listing includes the name of the game, the name of the publisher, and the upcoming release date as near as we can figure based on the latest tea leaf readings."

They also have recently released games and they frequently update the status when new information is available from publishers and distributors and such.

There's an RSS feed.

Where can I find this for Wii games?

I could probably get this information if I read all of IGN, but is there any site that lets me view *only* this sort of information?
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Chronology of Wii games from wikipedia.
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RobertDigital beat me to it.
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here also
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You don't have to read all of IGN, they have a release list that is regularly updated here.
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Wow. That IGN list is pretty expansive. It actually has some rough dates for Virtual Console releases, a list which Wikipedia has but which only seems to get updated when the game is actually released.

My only real dissapointment is no list tells me anything about a new Mario Kart title. You know it's coming, but the fact it dosen't appear as of yet to be coming out in 2007 saddens me greatly.
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Man, playing games, that would be nice, sadly, I'm still trying to get a wii. I've basically given up trying at this point. I don't mean to hijack, but if anyone has any clues on where in Northern NJ area?
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brinkzilla, try iTrackr.
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Brinkzilla, within the last month or so, I've had two occasions to purchase a Wii at a Target in NJ. Call them ahead of time and be prepared to arrive at the door >15 minutes before the store opens on the day they tell you, and you will have an excellent chance. also has reliable rumors.

And don't pass up any chance to get extra Wii remote/nunchuck.
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