Have you seen this Hindi poem?
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Where can I find the following Hindi poem: "Hawa hun hawa main basanti hawa hun, Suno baat meri anokhi hawa hun, Jidar chahati hun udar goomthi hun, Hawa hun hawa main basanti hawa hun."

I only remember those opening lines, and it was written at least 30 years ago. I read this in my poetry class at school in India. Thanks.
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It's quoted here (scroll down); unfortunately, I don't know Hindi, so I can't tell if there's anything about authorship, but at least that gives you more to go on.
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Is it perhaps "Basanti Hawa" by Kedarnath Agrawal?
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Thank you both, that was perfect. My dad (I posted this question for him) was delighted.
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Doesn't look very long; anyone care to type up a translation?
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