Help me find an old Dilbert please...
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I'm looking for a specific Dilbert comic from a year or two ago about English majors...

To my vague recollection, it went something like this:
Panel 1:
Dilbert to Marketing Guy: "Now I'm going to speak to you in a language I call 'English Major'"
Panel 2:
Dilbert: "The product is blue"
Panel 3:
Marketing guy: "It has a color???"

I'm probably misremembering a bit because I remember it being funnier than what I just typed, but you get the idea. Short of digging through the archives day by day, anyone know how to find this? Thanks.
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This one doesn't seem to be it but it is also on the subject of an english major

and it is from this archive
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Score! I found it in that archive.

I actually realized I had bookmarked it (I have way too many folders of old bookmarks) but the link expired. Was able to parse the date from the URL though. Anyway, if anyone's interested check it out. [It is, indeed, funnier then my half-remembered version]
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Dilberts blog is awesome.. he often posts his cartoons that get censored.
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