Recommended tutorials for the game Go
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Does anyone know of a really good definitive tutorial for the game 'Go'? I've googled a few but would be really grateful for feedback on ones people rate ;)
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See here
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Sensei's Library.
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We just had a question about Go less than a week ago.
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I didn't respond to the previous question, but for both I'll recommend The Second Book of Go.
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It seems like Go would be a hard game to write about, the rules are so simple and yet the patterns that come out are so complex.

I definitely recommend practicing against igowin.
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I also recommend play against humans as much as possible. If you have other Go players locally, great. Otherwise, you can play online (e.g., using Kiseido Go Server, which is free).

Here's one on-line tutorial.
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You must play, even if it's just one game, every day.
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Play 9x9 games. You can get more in per session, and it's easier to understand how the opening affects the endgame. You don't have to wait 40 minutes to realize you made a simple mistake.

There are 9x9 tournaments for professional go players. It is not an "easy mode."
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here's a few links
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Response by poster: Thanks so much for all the help, I'm going to be doing some serious reading this weekend
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