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Does a Ferrari Newport tandem bicycle have any value? It is complete and functional. A racer friend said they are sought after because of the Ferrari brand, but also are not a very good tandem. It is taking up too much space and has to go. Does it go to the dump or Ebay?
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There's a middle ground between the dump and e-bay. Post it on your local Freecycle message board. I can't imagine that a tandem bicycle would last very long there. I once had someone drive half an hour to pick up a medium-sized box of old baby food jars.
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Please don't trash a perfectly good bicycle, especially a rarity like this one seems to be. Half an hour spent listing it on ebay could get you $100, and make someone else pretty happy.

There are groups like Bikes Not Bombs, World Bicycle Relief, and Working Bikes that can put that thing to very good use. Try googling 'bicycle donation' and your town to see if there's anything near you. Or take it to Goodwill.
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If you are in the Philadelphia area I will take the tandem. If you are not, someone else will take it off your hands. It is not inherently valuable, I think, but you may be able to get a few bucks for it.

I have a friend who owns a large (this is a relative term, of course) tandem specialty shop; I can ask him about this bike as I am returning very few hits for ferrari tandem; here is one from CL that seems to be in good shape. The condition of your bike will obviously affect the selling price.
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eBay for sure, someone will buy it just 'cause it's got the Ferrari brand name on it.
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Looks like Mister_A beat me to it, but yeah, don't throw it away. It is a pain in the ass to ship a complete bike, and a double pain in the ass to ship a tandem. If you list it on Ebay you might want to specifiy local pick up only. Craigslist, etc. Pictures? Any idea what parts are on it?
Mister_A, no email in your profile, so who's your friend in the tandem busness? Mel?
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I was not serious about "dumping it". It will go to a good home if it is not a collectable. Mister-A, it is in Southern NH.
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Drop by your local Ferrari dealer and mention the bike the the people there.

Ferrari is unusual in that they require you to buy some of the less expensive cars before they will allow you to get on the list for the top of the line models like the Enzo. The result is that the dealerships aren't just sales offices, but part of the whole Ferrari social club.

If the dealer doesn't want a Ferrari bike for his shop, he will very likely know which of his customers might be interested.

Porsche and BMW have also sold bicycles under their own brands, and it is generally the car enthusiasts that buy them. Avid cyclists go after established cycle brands.
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Ahh that's not very near Philadelphia. Shucks. You have any pictures?
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Imagine the photo that you referenced on Craigslist in cream and in need of TLC.
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and in need of TLC.

That's how you know it is a real Ferrari!
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vintage tandem? I'd totally buy that, but I'm cheap so I probably wouldn't pay much more than $100. My guess is you could easily get up to $200.
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btw, if you have never ridden a tandem bicycle, you owe it to yourself to do at least once. Last time I rode a tandem with a friend we laughed for about an hour straight.
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One comment when I first rode it was that my partner and I looked like two monkies trying to f*** a football
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well, it seemed that way for me too, before we figured out I need to be in the front seat -- i have control issues, i guess, so I'm always trying to steer in the back. If you do that on a tandem, you are gonna dump the guy in front. If you're getting rid of it because it feels unstable or wonky, switch with whoever you're riding with. I understand that it may not be for you, but man, i couldn't imagine parting with such a thing. Tandem bikes are awesome! But yeah, throw it on craigslist (if you have one local to you), and i'm sure you'll get some good offers.
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