Surely there's got to be a heart attack in the grotto at least?
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How many people (if any) have died at the Playboy Mansion?
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What a fascinating question. A cursory Google search ("playboy mansion" + death) turns up nothing, though, nor does the Wikipedia entry. I wonder if the Mansion is like Disneyworld, and fatalities are never pronounced dead until they're outside the grounds. Or, more prosaically, maybe nobody's ever died there.
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I was a guest at the Playboy mansion once and I met Teri, a wooly monkey who lived in the property's zoo. Teri died there a few years ago. Does that count?

Anyway, Mel Torme visited the mansion a few days before he died.

And here's a pretty interesting read on alleged crime/drug use at the old Playboy Mansion in Chicago.
Given the freewheeling Playboy lifestyle practiced at both mansions, and the trooping through of all sorts of guests, including rock groups and movie stars, it would be naive indeed for Hefner or anyone to assert that drugs have never been used on his premises (Adrienne Pollack, once a Playboy Bunny, died of an overdose of the drug methaqualone in September 1973). (But not at the mansion.)
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Oops, should've been a link to this Time mag article.
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Another interesting article about Life in the Mansion here
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