Where do I find funny websites to help me come up with "creative" entries to competitions?
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I need a good collection of bookmarks to help me enter competitions! What are some good repositories for jokes, wordplay, and the like?

When I was a kid I used to enter competitions a lot, and not a week would go by where I wouldn't get a package in the mail filled with books and toys. I want to see if my luck is still functioning! I'm not going to turn into a professional "comper" or anything, but I'd love to have a few good websites on hand for inspiration when I am faced with those awful "In 25 words or less..." questions. I have always heard that the funny/corny ones stand out the most.

Apart from actual joke-websites, other sources of inspiration could include things like pop-culture blogs where the writer manages to always slip in a "cute", (if asinine), turn-of-phrase. I know I've seen some of these before.
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I am guessing you haven't gotten any responses yet because I can't for the life of me pinpoint what in the world you are talking about. What do you mean by bookmarks, what kind of competitions, what would be the cause for being sent books and toys, and why would you be asked 25-words-or-less questions? Inspiration for what now?
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Response by poster: Bookmarks as in websites that I can bookmark!

Competitions: in magazines, newspapers, on the side of food packaging, or on websites (for example, the mtv website), or just anywhere. There are competitions everywhere!

I got sent books & toys a lot when I was younger because I was a member of this kid's magazine called "Jetsetter", as well as other magazines and clubs. Basically, I was obsessed with finding loads of competitions and entering them.

Haven't you ever heard of professional "compers"?

Anyway, a lot of these competitions are not simply random lotteries; you actually have to give them something slightly creative. One example: a competition I entered to win the new Gwen Stefani album/dvd, in 25 words or less you have to describe "What winds you up."

These questions are hard to answer if you're not in a funny mood! I was just looking for humorous websites that would give me somewhere to go from.

However, I am resigned to the fact that no one here enters competitions and as such I am not expecting any answers. But thanks for replying vanoakenfold!
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I've never heard of professional compers, but I myself am quite the freebie requester (and it is rare that I don't get at least 3 pieces of mail per day).. I've been on the web for 10+ years and haven't encountered any of these that I can recall.. could you give an example?
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Response by poster: Examples:
1. Winning Slogans
2. Winspiration
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