What is the story about the goat-girl called?
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where can I find this fairytale? I read it as a kid, it features two girls and a goat, but not like that.

I read this story as a kid and have never been able to find it again. Some sort of fairytale about 2 girls, one is pretty blonde and rich, the other has black hair and rides a goat, is disagreeable and bangs pots and pans. At the end the lovely one won't marry her beau unless his friend/brother marries her stepsister/friend. And then of course the crappy sister turns out way better and more beautiful than the blonde. So and ugly duckling theme with goatriding. What is the story called and where can I find it? I have searched for years. I read it sitting behind one of my grandmas matching brown cordoroy chairs, near her mustard built in bookcase, in the early 80's.
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It sounds like Tatterhood, maybe?
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Response by poster: oh my god thats it! thank you!
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Yep, there's lots more in there, too. But it's definitely Tatterhood.
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