What can me and my teenage sisters do together besides hit the mall?
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I am a late 20s dude. I have two teenage sisters. What can we do while I am visiting them in Minneapolis?

The three of us always have an awesome time together no matter what we do, so "bridging the gap" is not a problem. But I only get to see them about twice a year and I'd like to do something more than just the local mall. I don't know the area well anymore, and taking them to a bar or club is obviously out of the picture...

I am 29, they are 15 and 17. Both are pretty adventureous and hyper. We bond over music a lot but generally just enjoy being random and crazy. Any fun adventure within driving distance of southwestern suburbs of Minneapolis would be cool. This will be over Christmas so please remember the weather. Thanks!
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Science Museum of Minnesota. The Walker, The Minneapolis Institute of the Arts, the Weisman.Bryant Lake Bowl in Lyn-Lake for bowling and food (I think minors are allowed in).
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I did both of these when I visited Minneapolis, and enjoyed both very much - depends on how much your sisters like shopping & snowboarding, though.

Shopping In Uptown.

Skiing/Snowboarding at Afton Alps - well, it's Christmas - might as well make use of the snow...
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Are you/they active at all? Indoor rock climbing is a fun group activity, always more fun than I expect it to be.
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An all ages rock concert?
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Disc golf.

Take a jacket.
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If you go riding at Afton or Welch Village or any of those places, be prepared to pay their holiday rates through New Years (around $30 a ticket).
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If you're looking for somewhere to climb, check out Vertical Endevors in St. Paul. Bryant Lake is always fun, and be on the lookout for some improv theatre in town as well.

There is also a skating rink in Downtown Minneapolis if you're looking for something urban and active.
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You could check out the Franconia Sculpture Park. Bring a jacket, obviously. The feel of outdoor artwork totally changes during the desolate winter months, so it could be cool even if you've already gone during the summer. It's a bit of a drive from the southwest 'burbs, so have everybody bring a mix of their favorite new songs to share.

You could also try snowshoeing at the MN Valley Wildlife Refuge. They'll loan you the snowshoes for free (you just have to leave your ID), and it's right near the Mall of America, so it's close.
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There's always the Holidazzle parade downtown. My first thought was Bryant Lake Bowl (maybe because I'm there so much); it'd definitely minor-friendly and be sure to check the theater listings.

If you dig theater stuff, pick up a copy of City Pages or something; there's likely to be some kind of holiday shows, ranging from the traditional to the farcical...
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If you can stand to be outside for very long, I love the Mill Ruins Park and nearby attractions (new Guthrie Theatre, which to me looks like an Ikea with a boner, Mississippi River lock and dam, walk through the downtown skyway system, catch a Timberwolves game at Target Center, and so on). You probably already know the local record stores, but in case you don't, get to the Electric Fetus, Treehouse, the giant Cheapo in Uptown, Extreme Noise, Fifth Element, Vital Vinyl, etc.
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Theres also Comedy Sportz in Calhoun Square, Improv comedy at its finest.
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I was going to suggest Roller Derby, but it looks like they're taking a break over Christmas. But if you're back again some other time, I bet your sisters would love it.
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Check out the City Pages online to find out what suitable concerts/events might be going on.

It's totally not cool like some of the stuff above but Block E downtown is not a bad place for a non-sophisticated fun afternoon - there is Gameworks, a restaurant bar with bowling, videogames (including games like Dance Dance Revolution) and silly skill-type games with tickets and corny prizes. It also has a multiplex and a big Borders bookstore. Eat somewhere else though unless you like TGIFridays style crap.
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Or check Pollstar.com for concert listings in the city.

I also second the Science Museum; I have fond memories of that place.
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What about the Mall Of America? Easy to blow several hours (or a day or two, depending on your shopping prowess) in that place.

I know, you said "not the local mall" but unless you're in Bloomington, the MOA isn't really the local mall. At the very least, drop by and hit up Caribou Coffee.
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