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What's your favorite VST instrument?

I'm finally getting my MIDI toys hooked up and now I'm looking for fun VST instruments. I've already downloaded crystal and a mess of Tweakbench synths (both are awesome and free by the way) and I'm looking for more. What's your favorite, and why? Cheap is good, free is best. Mac and/or PC.
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Best answer: Do you know about KVR-VST? I recall there were a number of "What's your favorite FREE synth?" in the forums there. Check it out!

To answer the question, my favorite VST is called "Triangle". It's free but I don't recall exactly where I got it.
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the Destroy FX pluggins are great.
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Best answer: LIVE SLICE. as recommended by aphex, with good reason I found after giving it a go.
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Response by poster: Live Slice looks groovey. That KVR thread is a treasure trove. Anyone have any recommendations for VST or software samplers?
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Best answer: i second the destroyfx recommendation, but don't forget about the rest of the smartelectronix guys. awesome stuff.

on the strictly instrument tip, you should check out the mda plug-ins (also hosted on smartelectronix.com). they're nothing super amazing, but he's got a realistic piano, an subtractive synth, and an FM synth--all free. i believe those are windows only.

i just got a macbook, so i'm on the hunt for free/cheap UB plugins myself.

take a look at this thread:
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Best answer: Zebra2 is pretty great (though a bit pricey). Automat is also well regarded (and free). Also by the Zebra2 developer is the free Triple Cheese.
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Best answer: as a VST sampler, shortcircuit comes highly recommended.
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+1 on zebra2 and automat
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Probably Crystal. Don't have a link. Sorry.
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