Listen to Shannon broadcast of World Series?
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Is there ANY way I can listen to Mike Shannon's telecast of the rest of the Cardinals' World Series games? As one blog commenter put it, listening to Miller and Morgan sucks away my intelligence.
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Shannon should be calling the game on KTRS which is one of your radio options when you sign up for game day audio on Looks like it's only five bucks now. Heh-Heh-Heh
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But ontic, they say things with such confidence!
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As a Giant's fan, Miller is awesome. Morgan, however, is a bad as it gets, and drags Miller down.

Yeah, listen online, but expect a delay.
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Best answer: At least they are better than Buck and McCarver. They suck your intelligence out AND replace it with a tarry, black sludge that can only be cleaned out with repeated applications of Orsillo and Remy.

It looks like they block out Cards games from KTRS's online stream (of course), but here's the Cardinals Radio Network, live in any of those places?
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Response by poster: That's what's so awful about this. I live in Rolla, which has a radio station in the network, but it's playing ESPN radio and I bought's Gameday Audio at the beginning of the season, but nothing will play in it on my Mac at home.

I'd almost rather read the box score than listen to those two, but want to listen to the World Series.
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Best answer: Ontic, I needed to download Windoze Media Player, but I am listening to the pre-game now on my Mac using Safari. Sounds like it's rain-delayed for now.
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Response by poster: Hmm.. So maybe the Flip4Mac plugin is doing more harm than good. Gonna try that.
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Best answer: KTRS, AM550. Broadcasts with only 5KW, day and night, but during the evening, it's worth trying an antenna out the windows. AM at night can travel a spectacular distance, and since KTRS isn't broadcasting clear channel, they're allowed to use gain antennas to directionalize the beam.

(Hmm, looking up the specs, now I know where the towers are -- it's that line of four towers just NW of the Gateway International Speedway. I digress.)

Anyhow, give it a shot. I'd first try AM 1120, KMOX, if you can't pick that up, you're not going to get KTRS -- KMOX is a 50KW clear channel station.

Also, if there's anything closer on 550, you're going to lose anyway.
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XM broadcasts both the Home, Away, National and Spanish Feeds. If you or a friend has XM, see if they can hook you up.

And no, they do not stream it.
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