PolyglotFilter: I'm looking for multiple blogs to practice several languages.
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PolyglotFilter: I'm looking for multiple blogs to practice several languages.

Mefites who avidly follow my questions (re: no one) will remember that I speak multiple languages. Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, to be exact (mainly).

I'm looking for everyday blogs I can use to practice my skills. Not something on neurobiology--topics and writers that are accessible enough that I have to work to understand, but it's not a project for every post.

The skill goes something like Spanish > Japanese >>> Arabic (I put 3 >s because my Arabic is still fairly basic).

I've combed the archives, but have only found a few links, and they didn't seem very solid. Any suggestions?
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Did you see this?
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I'm a polyglot too, and I like to practice my language skills by reading the major newspapers in the languages that I want to upkeep.

You are asking for blogs without indicating what interests you may have - blogs are far more personal and narrowcasted than newspapers online. I think that this is why so few responses were written to your question.

Reading national newspapers will allow you to keep current on each country's national and local news, injecting some local colour into your vocabulary as well.
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I just happen to have my favorite Spanish blog open in another window. It's a blog sponsored by the Spanish edition of the BBC:


Lots of links there to other blogs.

Also, try:

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