In need of a particular speech recognition software
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I need a particular type of speech recognition software

I'm helping with a project, and part of it requires encoding of video tape. I have to watch a tape with three people in the shot. What I need to do is record exactly(roughly) how long each person speaks. Is there any kind of speech recognition software that will allow me to do this relatively quickly?
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I've seen a research project that identifies each speaker in a recorded conversation and creates a timeline illustrating when each one speaks. I kind of doubt it was ever commercialized in a form that would be useful to you.

This google search seems to turn up some related projects, but on first glance, I don't see any product offerings.
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Unless the tape is very, very long, I find it hard to imagine you'd save time with a high-tech voice analysis solution over watching it three times with a stopwatch in your hand.
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Response by poster: I need to be as accurate as possible and there are about 150 10 minute tapes to process.
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No. Plain and simple. But you want to have a look at Transana, designed for coding video data for analysis. You won't need the stopwatch. Or graph paper.
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