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I want to talk with people about potential future trends as background research for near-future speculative fiction. Where wouldn't this be chatfilter?

I have an idea for a speculative fiction story set in the somewhat-near future. To develop it, I'd like to have a conversation with some knowledgable people along the lines of "if you assume [some initial conditions], what might realistically be expected to happen?" in the areas of agriculture, manufacturing, transportation, politics (local and global), etc. I have some ideas already, chosen more because they fit the needs of the story than for accuracy, but I'd like to make the backstory as plausible as possible without losing the elements I need, and get the esoteric details right while I'm fleshing out the world.

I know I can't do that here, since it would be considered chatfilter. Can anyone here suggest a forum where this kind of discussion would be welcome? My google-fu has failed me!
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The filthy monkey may be able to help. (No idea how active things are over there anymore)
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Definitely rec.arts.sf.written and some of the other groups on the rec.arts.sf tree.
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"if you assume [some initial conditions], what might realistically be expected to happen?"

Isn't this itself a science fiction story? Are you asking that someone else might provide you with a story you can put your name on?
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That's very disingenuous, xmutex. Scifi isn't a rote recitation of speculation. It's no different from seeking accurate historical information for a period piece.
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I know self-promotion might be questionable on MeFi. Still, take a look at the Cyburbia Forums (, an urban planning-related message board with a large community of practicing planners. The folks there actually like these sorts of questions, but they're not fond of one-post wonders; remember to participate in any threads you start, not just post and leave.
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