Analysing the NFL
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What are some websites/sources that give weekly analysis of the upcoming weekend's NFL games?

Sites that aren't the typical weekend talking heads, but more on the geek side?
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Probably the best website for something like that is Football Outsiders. They do a lot of very interestingstats work analysising games and teams.
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Though his column is more review than preview, Gregg Easterbrook's Tuesday Morning Quarterback column is always interesteing and written from a somewhat different perspective.
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The Football Project -- which used to work but appears to have gone offline for the moment -- offers statistical analyses and data from pretty much every game ever played.

Pro Football Talk is a little more "talking head," but nonetheless offers a good take on the game and has tons of inside information that you might not see on other sites. He also compiles links from hundreds of newspapers, so it's a quick and easy way to catch up on lots of football news at once.
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I like the USA Today's Thursday Sports section. Always have.
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CoversExperts, (For entertainment purposes only, of course).

You can always joins some of us over at SportsFilter where we have some pretty good columnists of our own.
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One more site that I forgot to mention -- but was just looking at when I remembered this post -- is It has a number of articles with some detailed mathematical analysis and models of various strategies and such.
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