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Where can I get a watercolor painting scanned in Seattle?

I made a watercolor painting for the purpose of being reproduced onto cards for an event. The cards will be printed elsewhere, so I figured I'd find a place to scan the painting, then send the digital file to the printer. I'm just not sure where I can get a good scan. The obvious option would be a place like Kinko's, but I'm a bit skeptical about the resulting quality. I'm wondering if there are any specialty shops, or at least something a step above Kinko's, that could do something like this well.
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go to the forums and search for a scanning facility in seattle.
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Is scanning the thing to do? I used to work at a small print bureau, and we reproduced large paintings from an intermediate form, mostly large- or medium-format negative.
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My mother is a watercolor illustrator in Seattle. She uses a few different reprographics shops to make scans and prints of her work. The one that I remember at the moment is University Reprographics, but there are lots of others around.
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Your best bet is to go to a service bureau that services the print industry. A quick google turned up this place.
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