Snowshoeing advice.
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I'd like to try snowshoeing. Any snowshoers out there with advice for a novice? Essential gear? Tips? Pacific Northwest trail suggestions?
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I think you should try a local non-corporate hiking and outdoors store for some friendly equipment and trails advice.
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Essential safety gear for anyone traversing frozen water: a pick and a loud whistle.
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Borrow or rent snowshoes, ideally a variety of styles and brands, before you buy. It's tough to get a good match with your weight, stride, gait and the conditions you expect to be in. What works for someone else might not be ideal for you.
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Gaiters are useful. Stops the tops of your boots filling up with snow. I'm no way a snow recreator (don't downhill or snowboard), but managed to have a great time the first time I went snowshoeing. The rental advice is good.
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Tip if there might be hungry mountain lions in the area:

Wear a hat with fake eyes on it which face backwards. It will deter the big cats, which always pounce on their victim's back. When they see the fake eyes on your hat, they will be tricked into thinking that you can see them and so will leave you alone.

I've been looking for a forum where I could dispense this important advice.
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Hurricane Ridge is nice.
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I did quite a number of trips as a boy scout years ago. There are two pieces of advice that I can give with 100% confidence: 1) Wool socks are a must (although there are other alternatives if you're alergic.) 2) Wear layers that you can peel off as you start to sweat. Of course you probably knew these things already, but I can't stress the wool socks enough. When your feet get frozen, the rest of you does too...
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