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Suggestions on rollerderby names for guys?

So I've recently started refereeing for the local WFTDA league here in NOLA, the Big Easy Rollergirls, and I need a good (properly badass/bragadocious) skate name before the first match... We've previously covered this question for girl's names... but any ideas for a guy? I've tentatively come up with "Henry Roll-ins" (punk icon, has "roll" in the name) but I'm convinced there's got to be something better out there i'm missing... so, hive mind, what have you got for me?

(incidentally, here's the roster of currently registered skate names, male and female, if that's of any help...)
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spunky whistle - teats

(ren and stimpy reference)
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reference HERE
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Mustache Larry.
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You know Henry will probably hunt you down if you associate his name to roller derby.

Here is his latest happy little message from the current tour; ( and this was from 08-27-06 New Orleans LA )

" I have done a little walking around but it’s not all that enjoyable when the drunks figure out who I am and want to make friends. They’re on vacation. I am on pause."


How about other punk stuff appropriate to roller blading guys;

"Circle Jerkers"
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Matt Owie.
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You know Henry will probably hunt you down if you associate his name to roller derby.

That's exactly why you should use it! (And if he does hunt you down? Remember that his real last name is Garfield. That'll disarm him.)
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How about the name of the last male pit bull dog you ran into, plus the name of the city your favorite outlaw town?
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You know Henry will probably hunt you down if you associate his name to roller derby.

let him come. how cool would it be to be hunted down by Henry Rollins!?!
(also, how did you manage to go to the Rollins show in MY town, when I couldn't make it? grrr.)

but still. any other ideas?
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Mabye too referee specific, but heck.

Ref Ian
Umpyre (especially if you're a redhead)
Smith & Wesson (you know, the gun show)
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Bud Tiesher
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You're probably gonna like the name better if it means something to you. Start with a favorite hero/animal/fictional character and then add wheels/madness/bloodshed until you find something you like. Beer and/or caffeine helps.
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Good call, mediareport.

Or find famous people with your name and try RhymeZone with varied syllables.

Albert Spinestein, etc.
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Wait, is this a team name or a personal name? I got halfway through my answer before I realize that I think you want the latter not the former. Oh well. Going as Senor Sanchez works still. My personal preference is the obscure obscene euphemism.

The Cleveland Steamers
The Dublin Mudslides which is perhaps too many levels of ironic humour
Dirty Sanchez for an individual
The Angry Pirates

Most of the linked examples in the master list seem to be puns on an existing name or just something tough sounding.

So maybe:

Al Co-Haul
Al U. Minum
Al Night-Long

but those are fairly painful. (And I assume you name actually is Al).
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I think it would be hilarious to have a male ref named Big Momma. Or geek yourself out and go by Stud Muffin.

On the referee theme... R. Biter? Judge Dread? The Justice Department? Quitcher Bitchin? The Circuit Court? Mister Stripey? Señor Spanky?
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My favorite is Seymour Carnage, but that's already taken.
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Balls Bearing
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I love The Justice Department. But I'm a sucker for any name with a "The" in it.

How about Rock Steady?
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You're gonna be skating with the Ladies, right?

Buster Hymen
Taint Backendown
Wild Bill KickCock

I've gotta theme going here...
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My friend's ref name was Russ T. Trombone. There was also a Dirty Sanchez variation, but I can't remember it off the top of my head.

So... Start coming up with obscene acts and names for them. A nom de guerre will follow easily.
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Warren Peace
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From the Dept. of bad wordplay:
Tom Bruise
Jiminy Crackit

Inevitable "Simpsons" homage:
Max Power

And just plain scary:
Jack Slaughter
Dick Cheney
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I'm thinking a play on a famous judge/lawer/detective name might be appropriate for a ref. Something like, um:

Clarence Marrow
Judge Popner
Barnaby Bones

Except better than those. But you get the idea.
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