Plunging Plutonic Depths
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Can anyone think of any suitable food, drink and games for a party/wake themed around the loss of Pluto's planetary status?
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Sherbet UFOs. Mmmmm.

Aside from those, any spherical food product could double as a small planetoid (meatballs, scotch eggs...).
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cook 8 large meatballs and a 9th smaller one. Consume the larger meatballs and leave the 9th. Surround it with bay leaves or other decorations on a nice platter in the middle of the table.

Then drink shots of your favorite hard liquor while standing over it, and pour a little out over the 9th meatball.
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effigy (how appropriate here) - that's a great idea but we all know that not all planets are made of meat. Some are much more gaseous, and could be represented by a giant nacho-ball. Another would be a big cheeseball.

Dessert would be Mars Bars, clearly.
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Round food is key, I think. Especially if you can make round ice cubes.

For beer, Harpoon's "UFO" (Un-Filtered Offering) Hefeweizen is available in Mass. and a few other states.

For party decor, you could get pictures of Mickey's dog Pluto, and put a big red X over him and make stickers out of it and put it on all the cups. An alternative would be a picture of Goofy, with a caption that just says "YTMND!"

For a game, get a poster-size photo of Pluto, a blindfold, and a bunch of strips of paper that say "PLANET" and "NOT A PLANET". Play Pin-The-Label-On-Pluto.
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Get paper plates or cups with Disney's Pluto on them?
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Make a Christmas-style pudding and hide a silver coin in it somewhere.
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a Pluto shapped Pinata, and bust it open.
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You will be playing Styx records, right? Maybe get away with Acheron, too...

A round pinata - you'd have to make it yourself, but round's the easiest shape anyway. Maybe fill it with those clear mints, since it's an icey rock.
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I vote for things that are very small and/or very cold. Nothing in particular comes to mind, but whatever other things you choose might lead you to small cold things. It sounds like an awesome party from the suggestions that have arrived so far.
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I vote for things that are very small and/or very cold.

Dippin' Dots
, the ice cream of the future?
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Nine pizzas, served by your mother.
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A big dirty ball of ice, perhaps the world easiest ice sculpture.
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Food - rotten eggs. Drink - individual fifths of Jack Daniels.

Drink the JD, then throw the empty bottles and rotten eggs at NASA while blasting "Pluto" by 2 Skinnee J's at the top volume.
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Bake sugar cookies and frost them to look like Pluto. Eat them all, every last one. Weep.
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Pluto-shaped bean bags? And you could toss them into coffee cans representative of a black hole of new knowledge?
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eat pomegranates!
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Have a contest to see who can come up with the best mnemonic for MVEMJSUN.
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It isn't Pluto-specific, but a friend and I had a spaced-themed party (Spacelebration) a couple of years ago. We bought astronaut ice cream and made Tang mimosas.
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Sno cones! Blue ones!
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