What are some good Japanese language schools in Tokyo?
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What are some recommendations for Japanese language schools, especially for conversation, in Tokyo?

I'm going to have 6-8 weeks this spring to spend full time learning Japanese in Tokyo. My current language skills are not great, but I'm not a beginner. I'd like to find a few places to visit while I'm in Tokyo now and start the enrollment process early.

Ideally I'd like somewhere that has intense full time classes for 6-8 weeks focusing on conversation. Reading and writing is a good side benefit, but my primary needs are better conversation.

I don't need any visa or housing help.

Near Ebisu/Shibuya/Shinjuku would be best, but I'll commute for an outstanding school.

I'd like to avoid visa farms and gaijin networking places. I don't need to meet more non-Japanese while I'm in Japan, and I'm not looking to hook up with the natives.
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I had a good experience studying at the Kichijoji Language School. I wasn't a beginner either but they were able to accommodate that.

Not sure if the course times will suit you though.

The teachers were pretty good and the classes were small.
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We use Iidabashi Language Schools, maybe because they use the Genki books as opposed to the awful "Japanese for Busy people" books.

But then, the teacher come to my office to teach, half paid for by the company
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