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Where can I go car camping with my arthritic mother-in-law near Lake Tahoe?

Two siblings, their spouses and their parents are going to Lake Tahoe for a week. They ambitiously have decided to go camping, for at least one night, even though the mother has never camped, ever. She will be getting knee surgery in the next few months, and hiking is out of the question, but sitting under the stars eating smores is not. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

The trip is next week.
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Camp Richardson is a resort in that it has a hotel and cabins. But it does have two campgrounds and is probably very good for someone with mobility problems.
Also this list of places that are "walking distance with cooler" from the lake should fit your needs.
Part of it depends on which end/side of the lake you prefer (which highway you are coming on). Also, this is probably a crowded time so they may be somewhat booked up. Bliss and Emerald Bay would both be nice if they have space for you.
Tons of official campsites (as opposed to wilderness areas) around here are "drive-in" ie suitable for car camping. You won't really get peace and quiet this time of year, but you'll get to be under the stars.
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I clicked on this thread to recommend Camp Richardson as well. Will probably be the best choice for you but it's not that rustic unfortunately - RVs, crowds, etc can damper the experience. I have stayed here though and it's a nice spot if you want to make jaunts into South Lake Tahoe and the buzz around the casinos/shopping or even over to Emerald Bay.

I would also encourage you to look into the the Martis Creek Campground that is run by the Army Corps of Engineers. It's in north lake area on Highway 267 near Truckee. Much easier to find a spot here than at Camp Richardson (and much cheaper as well) - but it may not have the specific mobility needs for your mother-in-law. Another plus is that it is relatively critter-free - a bear will roll through the Martis Valley maybe once a year while I'd venture a guess that South Lake area has more frequent visits. Good to keep in mind for first-time campers who may be timid about wildlife.
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Strangely, I too came in to hype Richardson when I read "car camping" + "disabilities". The cabins there are pretty nice and are real close to the lake.
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